by jimmy turrell on Tuesday 28 October 2014

New illustrations I've worked on for the NME's Album Of The week column. From the top........Foo Fighters, Johnny Marr, Aphex Twin, Kasabian, Jamie T, Hookworms, Superfood, Julian Casablancas & The Voids, Shabazz Palaces, Alt J and Merchandise.

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by jimmy turrell on Wednesday 1 October 2014

I was asked by Thomas Lahdesmaki from Forage Press a while back to answer this simple brief: 

"Pick any musical subject matter as inspiration (genre, band, song, album, scene, era etc.) then produce an original series of images which interprets and/or tells the story of that subject in some way, abstract or literal"

The piece of music that I chose is Arthur Russell's "You and Me Both" - specifically this Youtube version which its accompanied by a video of people dancing in Brooklyn in the early 90s.
The video edit is obviously made up of clips chosen from a different era (it’s more likely there dancing to something like Junior Vasquez) but somehow these two pieces come together in a beautiful, dreamlike way. The pumped up poseurs and Guido's on jet skis seem to create a direct juxtaposition between the innocence and intricacy of Russell's music.

With the imagery I wanted to play with the notion of two separate themes coming together to create an abstract, ambiguous third meaning.
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