Thanks to Dazed and Confused, Creative Review And Mr A. Shaughnessy

by jimmy turrell on Friday 27 January 2012

Apologies for the lack of action on the blog over the last month - I've been a bit snowed under.

Anyway this is just a quick one to thank a few people. First up is Dazed and Confused. Their exhibition
Making It Up As We Go Along finishes this weekend at Somerset House so pop along and catch it if you can - its really great. It celebrates 20 years of one of the worlds greatest style magazines and I'm lucky enough to feature in both the exhibition and the book that accompanies it.

Dazed was one of the first magazines that took a chance on me when I first moved to London so big up to them and their Art Director at the time Peter Stitson. I did lots of illustrations for them over the years - heres a small selection from the early 2000's - Jordan with a boozoka (which features in the book), French cheesebomb Johnny Halliday and an illustration for an article on child soldiers in Sierra Lione. My style has moved on a bit since then but I thought I'd show them here anyway.

Next up is Creative Review who featured my Yellowire project in their last issue - The Music Issue. It was included in an article about special editions and how independent labels are using this format to keep the physical product alive and kicking.

And I'd also like to thank Adrian Shaughnessy as his tweet about our other project Primitive Heritage lead to an inordinate amount of traffic to the site. Cheers to IDN (we have a small feature in the next issue),, ventilate, reformrevolution, Adobe, Computer Arts Magazine and Building A Wolf for similar posts about the work.

Heres some imagery from Dazed and various one-offs and limited editions which we've sold through Primitive Heritage.