New work - Adidas, New Scientist and other stuff.

by jimmy turrell on Monday 24 January 2011

Been really busy lately. Here's a few new pieces I've created over the last month. A piece for Adidas for Saatchi, a painting of Keith Richards and a sneak peek at some artwork I'm doing for a mates band for their upcoming album. There's also a cover for this week's New Scientist which had a similar theme to a piece I produced before for them so they just wanted me to tweak an earlier sketch I'd done to fit this article.

Little White Lies

by jimmy turrell on Wednesday 5 January 2011

Here's another one for Little White Lies. Its of Javier Bardem for his new film Buitiful. Again the guys at LWT wanted it pretty straight up and representational with no real extra elements. Sometimes its really nice to sit down and do this sort of illustration. A challenging brief is great in terms of testing the old grey matter but sometimes just chilling out, sticking some tunes on and painting is the way to go.