by jimmy turrell on Tuesday 14 June 2011

Heres the full details of the Kemistry Gallery exhibition. I did the the poster of Serpico below and also a little extra piece - Saturday Night Fever. It runs from Thursday 16th June until Sat 2nd of July. Pop along if you get the chance.


by jimmy turrell on Monday 13 June 2011

I was asked by Little White Lies Magazine to create a bespoke piece of LWLies cover art based on my favourite 70's film.  The Serpico piece served as visual feature inside this month's mag and will now be featured in an exhibition, LWL70 at Kemistry Gallery in Shoreditch.

A limited edition of each artwork will be available for sale at the show, then when the show ends LWL be selling the prints in a dedicated online shop.

I wanted to try and capture the real sense of isolation Frank Serpico feels so went for a simple black background with Pacino looking directly into the camera.

Check back tomorrow for my take on Saturday Night Fever and full details of the exhibition.


by jimmy turrell on Friday 10 June 2011

I'm going to start posting sketchbook work on my blog from now on. I think its important to show the working process so I'm going to start showing everything from very early working roughs, collages, typographic and graphic experiments and variations of work that has never been published. 

I'll be putting new stuff up every week now (promise!!) so check back to see work in progress on a variety of projects. Heres some sketches + graphic pieces of early work for Kyocera and Pentagram.