by jimmy turrell on Tuesday 4 June 2013

I've recently completed this billboard campaign for Leo Burnett and FIAT for the new Fiat 500L (the larger version of the 500) which is about to launch all over Europe. The concept here is almost a "campaign within a campaign" as I was asked to create billboard campaign's about other billboards.

Basically the guys at FIAT wanted me to create walls of posters that were then seen to interacted with the car to show off its many features. For example posters of eyes are magnetically drawn to the car's beautiful shape, posters of plants seem to flow from the cars exhaust (showing off its green credentials) and a family of basketball players line up ready to enter the vehicle - again giving an idea of its spacious nature.

It was really great to get back to using simple analog techniques - basically ripping and hand collaging while getting covered in paste and glue. I honestly have to nip myself sometimes with commissions like this - I can't actually believe this is my job!

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