The Guardian G2

by jimmy turrell on Saturday 24 October 2009

Just created this piece for the cover of the Guardian's G2 section on forty years of the internet. It was pretty much inspired by the piece I did below on evolution.

Elmwood book project

by jimmy turrell on Tuesday 20 October 2009

A piece I created as part of a major project for Elmwood which never got used in the final book but I think could work quite nicely as a poster. The book comes out later this year.


by jimmy turrell on Wednesday 14 October 2009

A couple of personal pieces I've just done on the theme of evolution.

The Illustrated Ape

by jimmy turrell on Wednesday 7 October 2009

Heres an alternative version of an illustration I did for the current issue of The Illustrated Ape.

Rome Snowboards

by jimmy turrell on Thursday 1 October 2009

Just completed 5 snowboards for Rome. The guys over there wanted something dark and brooding so I based them around the concept of fallen idols. Heres a peak of three which never made the final cut.