Nike / Intro

by jimmy turrell on Tuesday 26 January 2010

I was digging around yesterday and found some old some sketchbook pages from my work with Intro for Nike (for a campaign for their Nike Pro training tops) that I did last year.

New Scientist

by jimmy turrell

Three sketches I've just done for New Scientist magazine.They were for a biology/evolution piece about the contribution viruses have made to human evolution. Not sure which ones will make the final cut.

Heart mailer

by jimmy turrell on Friday 8 January 2010

Here's my Heart Agency mailer.

WIRED magazine

by jimmy turrell on Wednesday 6 January 2010

Quite a simple one here for Wired magazines HOW TO section. This one was how to roll a kayak.

The Wall Street Journal

by jimmy turrell

Heres a cover I did about the Noughties for The Wall Street Journal. Although the major events of the decade were primarily dark in tone (911, Iraq) I chose to strike a balance by including more positive content (social neetworking, Apple) and by using bright poppier colours against the black.