by jimmy turrell on Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Heres a few illustrations I've recently completed for The Atlantic, The New Statesman and New Scientist magazines.

The first is for The Atlantic Magazine in New York. The article is basically about the dichotomy of humour and sadness in Robin Williams.

It was a strange one this - its the first commission in a while that's really effected me. Looking through old images and video of him made me realise just what an incredible talent he was and how many great movies he actually made. The article concentrates a lot on his performance in Mrs Doubtfire but for me The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting will always be his stand out performances. Such a sad loss. Click here for an amazing tribute by David Letterman.

The second is for a poem called "Poundland" by Simon Armitage. Click here to read it. The fact that these places even exist, the impending doom of loan sharking and people generally struggling to make ends meet are all points covered in the poem.  I did three sketches for this one. The first one the art director thought was a bit too poppy and colourful. He had a point I think. So I went for a more more sinister feel for the next two.  They eventually went with the red version at the bottom.

The last illustration is for a New Scientist feature about new techniques of fighting cancer. One is called called the "Tumor Trap" and basically helps the good blood cells in our cardiovascular system round up the bad cancerous cells.