New books featuring my work

by jimmy turrell on Friday, 4 November 2011

My work has been featured in quite a few design books lately so check them if you can. 

The first is Mid Fi by Emil Kovak. Mid-Fi takes a extensive look at the recent change in the perception of how a computer can be used in a graphic-design/ illustration process.  It basically examines how the computer is being used more as a tool, instead of as the main instrument for creating graphics and art. It examines this hybrid crafts-based approach, mixed with modern technology, and the new forms of expression that it brings. 

The second is from my old lecturer at St Martins - John Ingeldew. A really lovely guy and brilliant teacher John has written The A-Z of Creative Ideas - How to Solve a Creative Brief. It examines the key ideas, sources of inspiration and visual techniques that have been used throughout design history. Showing where ideas and inspiration come from, the book provides numerous strategies to help unlock the reader’s creativity.

Also out is Andrew Hall's Illustration - This broad introduction to illustration reveals the artistic, intellectual and organizational skills needed to practice as a freelance illustrator, and helps the reader navigate the specialist areas of its application.

Lastly Atlas Of Illustration which features 600 pages of the most promising new talents from different international backgrounds, sharing their best commercial art and personal projects.